*Hey folks! Thanks for visiting. I am having a really hard time writing this section as I find writing about myself to be extremely cringey! I will add to this section as I think of things and when I feel it's adequate I will take away this little message up here. I guess it makes sense that I prefer to talk about other people and tell their stories instead! :P


I shot my first wedding in 2004 as a hobbyist. It was a small hindu ceremony at an ISKCON temple in Hillsborough, NC. I used Kodak film! Digital Cameras weren't all the rage quite yet and I was still in love with film. And no, I'm not going to show you those pictures! In my opinion, they were terrible! But here's where it gets interesting. I recently got a phone call from that couple who have 3 teenagers now, and they wouldn't stop talking about how much they cherish their pictures. The lesson I learned here was that it's not at all about the production value of your event or how expensive your photographer's camera equipment is. None of that matters. 10-15 years later you will look at the pictures and smile at the emotion and the connections you felt that day.


I honestly believe in the healing power of stories.


As a photographer, I am not the outsider looking in. I am not the fly on the wall. I am a storyteller and in order to do my job well, I have to be more than an outsider, more than a fly on the fall, more than a vendor and certainly more than "the help". I need to get to know you on a level that's deeper than a financial transaction. I need to understand who you are and what makes you different from all the others I have photographed. This is my craft.