I'm going to be honest.

I'm awkward and seriously uncomfortable when it comes to the process of selling something or asking someone to spend money. Especially when it comes to a luxury product like photography. Throw personal pride (in my work and my worth as an individual and an artist) into the mix and it gets even more complex!

I don't do high-pressure sales or any kind of IPS (In Person Sales). All of my business-related matters are handled by my automated CRM which allows you to review quotes, invoices, and contracts all online in the comfort of your own space with a reasonable amount of time so there is no pressure to sign on the dotted line right away.

However, given the nature of this business, you are most certainly incentivized to act quickly. You have 3 days from the time you receive your quote to accept it, read through the contract, sign the contract and place your retainer deposit. After the quote expires, it is no longer valid and a new quote will have to be issued. Any new quote is almost always going to come at a greater cost than a previous one.


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