1. My experience in editorial and fashion photography makes me very OCD about things like skin tone. I want to do justice to every shade of skin color! I will go the extra mile to make sure you not only look great - but the picture is an accurate representation of you! I think it's fair to say that while photographing "white" skin is fairly easy, simply because of the way light bounces off it seamlessly, the same cannot be said about all the different shades of brown skin. A little more work is required to make brown skin look as good in-camera as it does in person!

2. I am a craftsman. I take pride in my craft, and I put my heart and soul into it. I work tirelessly to continue to improve my craft and am always looking for new ways to make each piece of work somewhat different than the others.

3. I am a storyteller. I am a hound for the story. I want to be able to tell a story through my work. Emotion, atmosphere, context are all important to me. I want you to look back at your images and FEEL something. If you look back at your images 20 years from now and tear up a little as a little wave of joy washes over you - I will have considered myself successful in what I set out to do.

4. I deliver images with practicality in mind. For example - I want you to be able to use your images in print and on Instagram without much haste. This is why I shoot and deliver everything that is in vertical or "portrait" in the 4:5 aspect ratio. This way you don't have to worry about the clipping that occurs when you post on IG or try to find frames to display your images. And don't worry - I still have the extra information in the raw file (3:2 ratio) should you need it, but I always compose the shot in such a manner that the extra info is "unnecessary". Needless to say - horizontal shots or "landscape" shots are always delivered in 3:2.

At the end of the day, YOU should know if you want to hire someone! Nothing I have said above should be a factor in your decision. I am just making my case for the record, but what you should really be looking at is the work and how others have felt about it! If you like what you see, you know what you have to do!
It depends! Very often we have folks (other photographers or individuals acting on behalf of other photographers) asking for "full galleries" to present it as their own work. Why? Because this way they have something to show when a client asks to see a "full gallery". The irony is real because we understand that most people ask for "full galleries". After all, they want to make sure the photographer is not fooling them by only presenting their best work on their portfolio. Chances are if you were referred by a friend, you've already seen a lot of my work beforehand. BUT if for some reason you really want to see a gallery before you pull the trigger on a package, I'd be happy to jump on Zoom call and walk you through a gallery or two.
My work isn't "light and airy" or "dark and moody". I always do my best in trying to show how it felt to be there in that moment. BUT, if you look closely, you'll notice that I actually do have a signature style. I use a set of presets that I developed myself over the past 10 years. I tweak them slightly for each image to do justice to each image, or set of images!
Yes, absolutely. 100%. If needed, proof of insurance can be provided directly to your venue upon request. This request must come from the venue directly and they can email me for it at nachi@nachisheel.com
This is an interesting question! There is no sales tax on photography services in The State Of NJ. Since our business is registered in the State of NJ and our day-to-day operations are run out of The State of NJ only, you will not be liable for any sales tax on our services. This is also the reason why we do not include any tangible items in our initial service packages. If you buy an album or physical prints from us at a later point, then yes there would be a sales tax attached to that sale as those are tangible items.

While you certainly could pay in cash, there is no discount for paying in cash. Generally, all of our transactions are done via our internal CRM and all payments are made online. This makes the experience far easier for all of us, without the burden of dealing with physical payment methods.
I feel like "RAW Files" has become somewhat of a buzz-phrase recently. But it seems a lot of folks are not exactly clear on what RAW files actually are! Let me say this first. If you are asking if you will be receiving FULL RESOLUTION JPEG images for all of the usable images from your event/shoot/session, the answer is - yes, of course. These images are huge! You could print poster size prints without losing any quality at all! I do not compress images at all. You get it all 100% uncompressed in JPEG.

Now let's talk about RAW Files. The image that comes out of the camera (before it's processed via software like Adobe Lightroom) is actually recorded in binary form (0's and 1s). It's very fluid which makes it great for a professional because we can do a lot more with all that information, but for a novice, it's mostly worthless.

Say you ordered a cake from the best bakery in town. Would you expect the baker to deliver you a tray full of the (raw) ingredients? I wouldn’t. I hired the baker for a cake. Not an unfinished product.

That being said, should you really want the RAW file to a specific image, I will gladly sell it to you. However, with it, you would also have to purchase the rights to the image. Pricing for purchasing rights to an image starts at $1099.00 an image.
I will give you every image that I take! The only images that I delete right away (in-camera) are images that are just not usable. For example, images where someone walked in front of the camera, or the flash didn't fire, etc. I even sometimes give you test shots because they are often "usable". So - what you get is all of the images.
Yes, I personally color correct/color grade and adjust each image before delivery.
Sure. If you'd like me to do it, I'll do it. You'll find that skin will look pretty great in my images even without any retouching. But sometimes we have random anomalies appear at the most unfortunate moment. You can select up to 5 images for each hour of (shooting time) to be revisited & retouched. Additional retouching & revisiting can be purchased as well. Images that I personally choose to photoshop are not going to count towards this allowance.
I do have a cinematographer on my team that can create cinematically brilliant films/videos, and thus I can offer video as part of your package should you need it.
Yes! I love to travel. I grew up traveling so quite naturally I feel "at home" traveling. There is no limit to where I will go and what I will shoot, but of course, if you plan to get married at the top of a mountain that may require me to hike for 5 hours with all of my gear - I would like to hear about that ahead of time, and not on the day of!

Otherwise, the only thing that gets tricky with destinations is the scheduling. For this reason, if you plan to have a destination wedding and want to have me photograph it, please try to make sure you reach out to me as early as you can! Starting the conversation on a destination wedding well in advance is super crucial to the process.

I do require that I arrive at the "destination" two (2) days PRIOR to your first event date. There are multiple reasons for "why". I plan to answer all of those in a blog post in the future.